NDI asignó funciones a Violeta Granera

La Directora Ejecutiva de Movimiento por Nicaragua, MpN, Violeta Granera, decidió ampliar por dos meses más el programa Centro de Atención Ciudadana, en el 2007, y  para ello solicitó al Instituto Nacional Demócrata, NDI, 59 mil 463 dólares extras para distribuirlos en en salarios, gastos de oficinas y propaganda.


Llama la atención que en el contrato de ampliación, el cual se elaboró en inglés, se estipula que la Directora Ejecutiva del MpN, Violeta Granera, debería tener enlace directo con un diplomático de alto nivel de la embajada de Estados Unidos en Managua.


                                   FIBRAS/ Movimiento por Nicaragua (MpN)


  July – August extension project


Total Budget:                                                                                 $ 59,463.00

Submitted to:                                               National Democratic Institute (NDI)





During this two months extension period Movimiento por Nicaragua (MpN) will operate a total of seven Citizen Attention Centers (CACs) located in the following cities: Managua, Rio Blanco, Estelí, León, Matagalpa, Chinandega and Masaya. Office supplies and repair and maintenance will be provided to all six offices and MpN Headquarters. The NDI will also provide six  local travel costs monthly to the Program Officer, Assistant Program Officer and Head of Volunteers (one to every office).


  1. Salaries


The Executive Director (ED): will spend 65% of her/his time supervising and executing proper project implementation. In coordination with the Program Officer and Assistant Program Officer, the ED will be responsible for the effective planning, implementation and execution of the NDI project. She/he will be the official senior MpN representative serving as the liaison with high-level US Embassy and USAID officers, donor officials and government representatives. The ED will receive and edit reports from the Program Officer and ensure that the MpN-NDI team accurately applies program objectives.


Specific responsibilities of the ED will include:

  • Develop annual strategy proposals for projects to be approved by the Executive Committee (EC).
  • Execute projects and initiatives approved by the EC, in coordination with different special commissions.
  • Plan, control, supervise and appropriately execute project budgets, and present monthly project progress reports to the EC.
  • Maintain an operating structure that ensures the efficient functioning of the organization in fulfillment of MpN objectives.
  • Maintain close coordination with MpN project donors.
  • Honorably represent MpN/FIBRAS in any activity related to the organization.
  • Supervise the activities of all MpN personnel.
  • Carry out the final review of weekly, periodic, narrative and executive reports and the weekly and monthly work plans of operating team.
  • Hold bimonthly meetings with staff for periodic planning and the review of achievements and difficulties.
  • Participate in EC meetings and comply with the specific agreements sent by the EC to the ED.
  • Name, in coordination with the EC Contracting Commission, the personnel required for efficient MpN project execution in all positions with remuneration above US$ 1,200 per month.
  • Evaluate the human and professional development of all subordinate personnel in order to determine incentives or sanctions.


The ED will allocate 90% of his/her time for two-month  duration, totaling US$ 1,300 per month, for a total of US$2,600 after two months.



The Communications Program Officer (CPO):  Will spend 67% of his/her time being responsible for strengthening Movement for Nicaragua internal and external communication, define and develop a positive NGO image to attract new sectors in our support, develop a strategy and alliance with all media outlets to ensure a continuous air time on MpN activities related to this project and ensuring that the communications program objectives are accurately met.


Specific responsibilities of the CPO will include:

  • Direct, supervise, administer and coordinate all communication activities and propose general policies for the appropriate integral image of each Citizen Attention Center, ensuring the fulfillment of communications objectives and indicators established for the project.
  • Design a media campaign for each Citizen Attention Center.


The CPO salary is projected at $1,005 per month for the two-month duration, totaling US$2,010 after two months.


The Assistant Program Officer (APO): will spend 100% of her/his time performing complex and confidential administrative support assignments; establishing and maintaining positive and cooperative relationships with the Program Officer, co-workers and staff; and using creative problem-solving techniques to complete assignments and resolve concerns.  She/he will communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; prioritize work assignments and meet deadlines; maintain-up-to-date files and records; and generate letters, memoranda, reports and presentations from draft copies or a general concept.


Specific responsibilities of the APO will include:

  • Support the Program Officer with the correct administrative and logistical functioning of each Citizen Attention Center, ensuring the achievement of objectives and indicators established for the project.
  • Manage and control the project budget and other related administrative tasks (accounting, check requests, weekly budget updating, petty cash, etc.) carried out at headquarters and each CAC, and unify all administrative procedures.
  • Periodically visit the CACs for supervision and administrative training.
  • Coordinate and implement project-related activities such as training, forums, talks, etc.
  • Supervise and coordinate all operating activities, pursuant to guidelines and directions established by the Program Office, in order to achieve the proper functioning of each Citizen Attention Center, ensuring fluid communication and coordination between each office and headquarters.
  • Supervise, in coordination with the Program Officer, the correct implementation of the media campaign in each Citizen Attention Center.
  • Review and edit all documentation produced pursuant to the management of each office (executive reports, weekly and monthly activity plans and any other required documents.)
  • Any other responsibilities established pursuant to project objectives and indicators.


The Assistant Program Officer salary is projected at US$ 700 per month for the two-month duration, totaling US$ 1,400.


The Senior Accountant (SA):  will spend 60% of her/his time monitoring the proper use of project funds and ensuring that NDI budget line items do not exceed total budgeted allowances. She/he will review and approve check requests for direct reimbursement of travel expenses, examine and enter office expense reports and reconcile office advance balances, among other accounting requests.  The monthly salary will be US$720 for two months, totaling US$1,440


The Executive Assistant (EA): will spend 50% of his/her time serving as an executive assistant to the executive direction. Duties include perform complex and confidential administrative support assignments; establish and maintain positive and cooperative relationships with co-workers, staff, project officers, use creative problem solving techniques when completing assignments and resolving concerns; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; prioritize work assignments and meet deadlines; maintain-up-to-date files and records; generate letters, memoranda, reports and presentations from draft copies or a general concept, operate modern office equipment including word processor. The monthly salary will be US$ 400 per month, for a total of US$800 after two months.


Receptionist: will spend 100% of his/her time serving as a receptionist for the MpN, but NDI project will cover half of her salary.  The main duties include to deal with members of the public which may include clients, visitors, donors. She/he will provide information, answer queries, and direct visitors to the correct person or department, she will organise appointments and take bookings. She will be responsible for keeping the reception area tidy, organising reading material and providing refreshments and supervising the janitor. Her salary percentage  is projected at US$ 150 per month, for a total of US$300 after two months.


Janitor Service:  In order to maintain the proper condition for the headquarters we would need the service of a janitor. The monthly salary will be US$ 143 monthly  for a total of  US$286 after two months.


Messenger Service: In order to distribute information to other civil society organizations and make MpN easily accessible to the network of NGOs and civil society organizations working toward similar goals, MpN will employ a messenger to help deliver materials.  The messenger will also complete tasks such as bank deposits, post office deliveries, the picking up of materials, and other functions as requested. The total cost for messenger services is estimated at US$ 200, per month for a total of US$400 after two months.


The total sum for Salaries is US$  9,236.00


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